Hey! I am Holly and I see the world through design.

I am like a therapist but for your home. I am the person that can help you make design decisions for your space, or completely map out a brand new look. I know what will be aesthetically pleasing, but also right for you and your home. My path to interior design is a little different, so here’s how I got here!

A combination of free spirit, structure and fearlessnes.

I have been a creative & design enthusiast since I was a kid. I re-arranged the furniture in my room when no one was looking and unlike most children, I was spending any allowance or earned money on new bedding and decor for my bedroom. I was also tagging along with my parents when they shopped for other rooms. It didn’t stop there - I spent most of my free time drawing floor plans on graph paper of the model homes you would see in new neighborhoods. Then, I would build them and furnish them on Sims. Design was my happy place and where I felt most comfortable.

chapter 1

I took another career path when I got to college that felt like the right choice - Marketing & Branding. I was even able to land a marketing position in the interior design industry right out of school. However, in time I found my favorite part of my job was working with the interior designers and not necessarily the marketing aspects. But, I was determined to grow as a leader, so I took a step away from the design industry and flourished into a Brand Manager at a higher education company. 

chapter 2

Even as I grew in this Brand Manager role something was always missing - my true love, interior design.

Again, I was spending all of my free time (and money) on making my own spaces more beautiful and functional. I was not fulfilled in my career, so I found ways to immerse myself in interior design wherever possible.

chapter 3

I took a leap of faith and started my own marketing consulting business, so I could have more creative freedom and establish a schedule that worked for me. I was even able to take on virtual design (e-design). I finally am combining the two things I am passionate about - interior design and serving others. This was the very beginning in the making of Holly Baker Studio! 

chapter 4

I have an outright obsession with design. My goal is to share the knowledge and expertise I have gained through the years with you, so we can make your spaces beautiful and functional for your unique lifestyle.

Fun Facts About Me

ok, enough with all the business talk!


My first time seeing snow was this past year!

I am a Tampa native

i am obsessed with sparkling water :)

Mornings are my favorite time of day

 Lead times are the amount of time it takes for a product to be created, shipped and delivered to you. When redesigning your space(s) we will have some products that take longer than others. Some products may be in stock, while others are made to order. It’s important to understand that these factors are completely out of our control. We can discuss together if you prefer in stock items to get them sooner rather than later, but often times a higher quality piece may take longer (and vice versa). 

What are lead times? 

While I believe great design takes time and the design process is constantly “moving,” my goal is always to transform your space within any realistic timeframes you may have. It’s important we establish any deadlines or specific dates that you would like to start seeing changes. Then, we can try to back into this. I will always be candid with you if I don’t think we can achieve those deadlines, and how we can make small improvements over time. 

How long does the design process take?

I found this definition of interior decorating on Forbes to be quite on par. While I do consider myself a “designer” - I am providing the service of interior decorating, so I want to show the difference. ”Interior decorating is outfitting a space with aesthetically pleasing elements such as furniture, wall-coverings, accessories, rugs and more. Interior decorators do not work with architects to create new interior spaces; they embellish interior spaces that already exist.”

What is an interior decorator?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re uncomfortable or having trouble making decisions around furniture choices, then a decorator may be a good solution. If you’re not happy with the current layout or aesthetic of your space(s) then an interior decorator can help.

When do I need an interior decorator?

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Pricing & Services Guide

The decision to start redesigning your space or home is a big one and you may have a few questions or thoughts floating around. If you’re wondering what the financial investment is to work with Holly Baker Studio, then download my Pricing & Services guide. A beautiful space and a happier you is on the horizon!

"Thank you so much for everything!"

"I can't wait to start getting items in (and purchasing more)! You truly were so awesome throughout the whole process and I feel like you knew exactly the look & feel I was going for.""

nancy, july 2022

"She is communicative, thorough, and lovely to work with."

"Holly found pieces for our living room that fits our style and works for our family with young kids. I have worked with designers before but Holly has been by the far the best to work with."


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