Curious how we make it all happen at Holly Baker Studio?

Here’s a brief rundown of how we will transform your space(s) step by step. 

Let’s alleviate the stress that can come from your home with beautiful, eclectic, and functional design.

Let’s get to know each other! Before we begin, we’ll have an initial consultation so I can learn more about you and your space. This part is important, because I want to know how you function in the room, what your design goals are, and if you have a particular vision. You don’t need to have a specific vision, but it helps to understand if there’s anything you want to achieve with the space - this could also be as simple as a particular color you’re crushing on!



When you’re ready to move forward with the project there will be a couple of questionnaires for you to fill out (on your own time), so we can get down to the knitty gritty of your style. This is also where we gather any necessary specifications of your room, such as measurements, total number of windows and doors, and any important structures that we need to work with (i.e. built-ins, fireplaces, staircases).


Design Discovery

This is one of my favorite parts! Based on the first two steps we may have come to the conclusion that your space needs a new furniture layout. I’ll work up a floor plan or sometimes multiple that would be good options based on how you live and the current structure of the room. We do this before any mood boards or design schemes, because we want to know exactly what will go into the room and the approximate scale.


Space Planning

The part you’re probably most familiar with if you have ever been on Instagram, Pinterest or made your own vision boards! I’ll share a few different design ideas based on the information from our introduction and discovery session. These are not fully flushed out designs, but will help me hone further in on your unique style. We can review these over the phone via a video call or in person depending on your design package.


Mood Boards

At this point you’ve provided feedback on the Mood Boards and I’ll create and share an initial Design Board with products, paint recommendations, and creative direction. We’ll collaborate together to make sure you love every single piece and that it suits you and your home’s needs. A product list will come along with your Design Scheme, so you can begin to purchase items you absolutely love. I’ll also include an updated floor plan / layout that outlines where items will go and any special directions. 


Design Scheme

The “fun” part! You can begin shopping your design when it’s most convenient for you. I’ll be there along the way for support - to help with ordering advice, if you need other product recommendations, or assist with any general questions. As items start to arrive, I’ll provide styling assistance, whether we’re working together virtually or in-person. The placement of furniture and decor is the icing on the cake!


Shopping & Styling

A fresh new design is something to be enjoyed & cherished.

 Contact me today, so we can make your dream space a reality!

You don’t have to do this alone! 

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Pricing & Services Guide

The decision to start redesigning your space or home is a big one and you may have a few questions or thoughts floating around. If you’re wondering what the financial investment is to work with Holly Baker Studio, then download my Pricing & Services guide. A beautiful space and a happier you is on the horizon!

"Thank you so much for everything!"

"I can't wait to start getting items in (and purchasing more)! You truly were so awesome throughout the whole process and I feel like you knew exactly the look & feel I was going for.""

nancy, july 2022

"She is communicative, thorough, and lovely to work with."

"Holly found pieces for our living room that fits our style and works for our family with young kids. I have worked with designers before but Holly has been by the far the best to work with."


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